Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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Bad news, smokers: It's going to be more inconvenient to smoke

The health minister has promised a clampdown on the tobacco industry, which will include legislation to hit smokers as well. See the main points which will affect smokers.

 Cape Town - Health Minister, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, openly declared his hate for the tobacco industry and that it "only causes mayhem".

In light of that, he has pledged stronger action against the industry, but also action that will affect the smokers themselves.

If you're a smoker, this is what to expect:

  • No smoking in buildings at all: The legislation will get rid of the remaining 25% smoking space in public buildings. Restaurants and eating establishments will not be allowed to have designated smoking areas any longer.


  • Potential clampdown on smoking near building entrances: While legislation already exists enforcing smoking 10m away from entrances, the minister stressed that "we also need to stop this behaviour of just getting out of a building and smoking right there".


  • Getting rid of vending machines: All vending machines in the country, regardless of their location, will be done away with, making it harder for smokers to have easy access to tobacco products.


  • Graphic images on cigarette packaging: Eventually, packaging may include graphic images as an in-your-face deterrent. But initially, In an effort to curb the tobacco industry from making their products visually attractive, legislation may enforce plain packaging. Boxes may only have warning labels and the brand name on the box
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